Grief Recovery Roadmap Elite 1 On 1 (Private Coaching)

$4,995.00 / year


Embark on a deeply personalized healing journey with our Elite Package, offering exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced grief and dream coaches. Receive priority access to all coaching features, enhancing a comprehensive and tailored approach to your needs. Enjoy unparalleled personalized support with continuous support through email correspondence and real-time phone calls throughout the program to ensure an enriching journey toward healing and self-discovery.

The Grief Recovery Roadmap Elite Course includes:

  • Exclusive access to the Grief Recovery Roadmap (GRR) Basic and PLUS Course
  • 1-on-1 calls and sessions with our grief and dream coaches.
  • Experience a more personalized human-centered approach to your growth.
  • Live and virtual sessions.
  • Rely on the power of human connection and personalized support without the use of complicated software.
  • Access to support groups.
  • A clear focus on what really matters.
  • Weekly check-in from our grief and dream coaches to track your progress.
  • Access comprehensive PDF Roadmaps for a clear and structured healing process.
  • Receive actionable steps and guidance to move forward in your journey

The Elite Package includes transformative bonuses such as the:

Time Management Rocket Fuel-Tool Kit - Effectively manage time and energy.
The Dreamer's Blue Print - Turn Dreams into actionable goals
Finding Your Tribe - Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of healing and personal growth.