Welcome to Grief Recovery Road Map.

Either you are going through a loss and grief or you know someone who is.

My heart is sad just thinking about it.

I definitely didn't ask for it, but I experienced grief early in my life. Over time, I had many unresolved emotions and until I was able to deal with them, it affected my ability to move forward in a healthy way.

My hope is that you are able to not push down or ignore your past relationships or situation(s) causing you grief, but rather connect with what you are thinking and feeling, no matter what it is (this is a safe place), and when you are ready, find some healing and recovery from whatever is causing you grief.

If you are in the initial phase of grief, you are probably in shock or are angry or any number of emotions associated with grief and loss. You may need some space to feel what you feel. That's okay.

People who have not gone through grief will not understand and at times say things that don't help or even hurt. You will want to find a safe place to deal with your grief and I hope that here could be one of those places for you. 

Since I faced grief early in my life, I have empathy with where people are no matter where they are on their journey. As a chaplain and director of spiritual care in a hospital, I have helped guide thousands through their grief, both with typical grief and grief that has caused people to get "stuck in the yuck" as I say. 

Thank you for trusting me enough to take one next step forward.

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  1. “I was grieving the loss of my dad and had negative emotions around the sudden loss of my job. I was having to keep leading and smiling in a toxic environment. I was down, very down. If it wasn’t for the Grief Recovery Roadmap and God, I don’t know where I would be right now.”

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